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Tnx India Dx Net and HamSphere Dx Alert !

” With the HamSphere DX Alert system you can get an alert via email when the country you have been looking for is QRV. You will only get an alert if there has been any change in activity of your selected countries.”

 So it can be read in the instructions.

As all are on vacation, I began to discern the secrets hamsphere and at one point I reached to “Dx Alert”. I set alerts for countries that do not operate yet, and I’ve seen other things around the house because there was nothing interesting to receiver.

It was not very long and I received an email message: make an aside here to say that I can receive emails and to the mobile phone.  I rushed to the transceiver and indeed we have seen in the cluster one of the countries that have not yet operated radio.


YY4MBL, Jose, was highly requested, but, Basu – VU2NSB, who lead at that time India Dx Net, proved of great kindness, and as soon as he heard my call he passed me by the dx station.

In conclusion,  I noted with pleasure and joy that HamSphere Dx  Alert  is an tool  that works well and is very useful.

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